How your GO! STICKY works

GO! STICKY The Green Cleaning System picks up anything and is reusable


Use on all types of floors and fabric

- Just roll your Go! Sticky anywhere, it will pick up dust, dirt or any debris and fine particles.
- Use your Mighty Go! on carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl...
- Use your Go! Sticky on furniture or in your car. 


Hard to reach places

Use your roller in every angle to get corners, walls, ceiling fans and any hard to reach places. Don't forget you can reach easily under your bed, your couch and get cobbwebs in corners.


No refills needed

Once the roll is full, simply rinse it in warm water, it will stay sticky forever!

How to use GO! STICKY

Follow these simple steps when using your roller.


Use Go Sticky anywhere, furniture, floors, car, RV, sewing room...Simply roll over the mess, there is no right or wrong direction! 
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When Go Sticky is full, it need to be washed in order to be reused. Simply rinse it in your sink with warm water. Washing it with dish soap also ensures your roller will stay clean and sticky forever! 
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After washing Go Sticky, you can let it air dry or pat it dry with a towel (paper towels are not recommended). Once Go Sticky is dry it will be just as sticky as the first time you tried it! 
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Which GO! STICKY Roller to use

3 different sizes to get any job done

Go! Sticky Roller

This size is perfect for use on clothing, great on furniture, upholstery and car seats, it will easily pick up lint, hair, dust and fine dirt particles from nearly any surface. Use it over and over again without buying refills because it's totally washable, and doesn't require you to change rolls, or buy anything new. It's even more sticky as more expensive options and traditional tools The stickiness never goes away, so it will always be super sticky when clean and dry.
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Mighty Go!

Simply glide over the top of any debris, dust, dirt, crumbs, lint, hair and it will pick it up, and hold on tight. It is safe for use on any surface, and works for all kinds of grime. It is large in size to provide extra surface area for cleaning, and it comes complete with a telescoping extension pole to ensure that no area is out of reach. Perfectly sized for floors, ceiling fans, furniture, drapery, vehicle upholstery, and more. Like any other GO! STICKY products, it is totally reusable!
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This amazing little roller is super convenient, and it works remarkably well for removing lint and hair on the go. The compact size makes it perfect for traveling, so keep one in your glove box, purse or carry-on bag to eliminate dirt whenever necessary. The whole unit folds in half to keep the sticky part completely contained when you're not using it, so it's always sticky, undamaged, and ready to clean when the time comes. 
The GO! STICKY designed for portability!
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Where to use your GO! STICKY

Endless possibilities for effortless cleaning


Use your Mighty Go! on carpet, area rugs, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linolium, tile... Messes on the kitchen floor, hair in the bathroom, cat litter or pet food. It's faster than pulling out your vacuum cleaner!
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Ceiling Fans

Your Mighty Go! is a great tool to dust off any standard ceiling fan, just slide the fan blade into the slot between the roll and the bracket holding it. One swipe gets all the dust and it will not fly around the house.
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Use your GO! STICKY on all your furniture, whethet it's pet hair on the couch or lint on your bed sheets, the sticky roller will trap any debris and leave your house clean. Use your Mighty Go! for larger areas to clean.
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Use your GO! STICKY in your car to remove dust, hair and dirt from your car seats and dashboards. You can also use your Mighty Go! on carpets and it's a great way to keep your trunk clean.
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Our products are washable and reusable to help you save money and the environment


After Use

Once your GO! STICKY roll is full and doesn't pick up anything anymore, you do not have to replace it or peel off anything, simply wash it in the sink or a bucket.



Rinse under warm water to release dirt, and allow to dry for later use. Occasional washing with Dawn dish soap will remove fine particles and residues to maintain stickiness.



Always dry after washing or rinsing, and store in a location that allows it to stay clean when not in use. Regular towels will not leave lint on the roll so feel free to use them.